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Biometric Tech: The Wave of the Future and a Violation of Privacy?

Biometric Tech: The Wave of the Future and a Violation of Privacy?

Illinois restaurants and bars are facing a new wave of class action lawsuits over their use of biometric information to identify customers and employees. Although Illinois may have the first and strictest set of laws about this type of information, business owners across the country should be prepared for their states to follow suit. Biometric information—think

Posted October 11, 2021
The Perils of Being Pet-Friendly

The Perils of Being Pet-Friendly

A recent trend in the food and beverage industry is to allow dogs to accompany their owners when they grab a bite or enjoy a drink on the outdoor patio. This pet-friendly policy is a great way to attract more customers but is also a way to attract an increased risk to your liability

Posted September 13, 2021
Take a Closer Look at Functional Replacement Cost

Take a Closer Look at Functional Replacement Cost

Most business owners understand Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value when it comes to insuring their building. However, they may not be familiar with Functional Replacement Cost. There are several situations in which this is a cost-effective and practical approach to building insurance. The most common application is when the

Posted August 19, 2021

On TAP Server Training

OnTAP (Training Alcohol Providers) is a server training program that ICC provides, free of charge, to our policyholders. Our OnTAP program is available throughout our territory and is state accredited in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan where server training is legally mandated.

This comprehensive course is designed for all staff members working in the alcoholic beverages industry, including owners, managers, bartenders, servers, and security personnel. Agents and policyholders can schedule an OnTap training session by emailing

OnTAP Training

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Claims can be reported in several ways:

To report an EMERGENCY PROPERTY CLAIM after hours, call (800) 445-3726 and select Option 2.

Policyholders can find up-to-date information about their claim by logging into Policyholder Access. Agents can find up-to-date information about their clients' claims by logging into Agency Access.

You can also find information on your claim by calling (800) 445-3726. A dial-by-name directory is available if you know your Claims Representative's name. If you do not know the name of your Claims Representative, you may press 2 for the Claims Department.

Use the online Become an Agent form to send your information to ICC's Marketing department.

ICC accepts ACH (also known as Electronic Funds Transfer), check, credit card, or payment through your agent. Please be aware that some forms of payment may incur fees.

Payments are accepted in several ways:

ACH payments incur a $2.00 installment fee. Non-ACH payments incur a $7.00 installment fee. Fees for credit card payments, late payments, insufficient funds, withdrawal of cancellation, and reinstatement may also apply. For more information regarding fees, please see page 2 of your billing statement.

Installment fees will be waived if you set up ACH and have your statements emailed.

Policies in good standing can be converted to ACH at any time during their policy period. However, any prior bills that you have received must be paid by their due dates. Please contact your agent or ICC's Billing Department ( or (800) 445-3726) to set up ACH.

You may contact your agent or ICC's Billing Department ( or (800) 445-3726) with any billing questions.

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