Posted February 17, 2023
How Saving Security Footage Can Save You Money

The ICC Claims Department is constantly presented with great examples of why Underwriting offers premium discounts for restaurants and taverns with security cameras. One of the best examples is a claim involving an allegedly intoxicated person (AIP) who caused serious injury to a motorcycle rider and passenger. The injuries were serious, and the AIP was clearly at fault. The accident occurred when he pulled out of the parking lot of our insured and struck the motorcyclist.

Fortunately, the insured had video to show that this terrible accident was not their fault. The claims notes tell the story:

Business owner has video tape showing that claimant walked into bar at 12:08 AM, WAS NOT SERVED, and walked out at 12:10 AM. Accident occurred after that and is also on video tape. AIP pulled out in front of the claimant motorcycle, then ran over it when he was turning around.

This is an excellent example of how recorded images can save countless hours and dollars in settling a claim, and most importantly, prove that the business owner was not responsible for a very serious accident.

The video is only effective, however, if the recorded images are saved and available when needed. Often, a lawsuit is presented right before the applicable Statute of Limitations expires. This can be anywhere from two to five years after the accident, depending on the jurisdiction.

In the above case, a lawsuit was presented to the business owner one week less than two years following the accident. Because the business retained the recorded image, ICC was able to get the suit dismissed at a minimal cost.

Without the video, the business would have incurred a lengthy investigation and possibly even a trial. Ultimately, it could be up to a jury to decide whether they believe the employees who testify. It would not be surprising for a jury to be skeptical that a highly intoxicated individual pulling out of a tavern parking lot was not served there. That jury becomes more skeptical if the injuries to the innocent victim are serious, and they feel sympathetic to the victim. Plaintiff’s attorneys are skilled at building skepticism and sympathy.

ICC feels that investing in high quality security cameras and saving the recorded images is extremely important in today’s highly litigious society. At ICC, we recognize that investment with premium savings. Don’t wait until after a serious claim occurs to evaluate your current security camera investment.

Here are some tips to help maximize your security camera discount:

  1. Install security cameras both indoors and outdoors
  2. Ensure that there is a full view, including storage areas, of the interior and exterior of your risk
  3. Keep your footage as long as possible - consider a cloud-based system to store your footage

You can learn more about insuring your restaurant or tavern with ICC by contacting an ICC agent today. The Find an Agent search on our homepage will help you find an agent in your area.