Posted March 7, 2023
Ice Scoop

Your favorite customer walks in; the night is super busy with the dinner rush. You quickly grab a pint glass to make their favorite drink, and you look around in your ice bin and there is not an ice scoop. No big deal. You just scoop in with the glass, get the ice, make their drink, and let them have it. Unknowingly, there is a chip in the glass from the temperature change from dipping it in the ice bin. Your customer takes a couple sips, loves their drink, but feels like they may have choked on a piece of ice or feels something stuck in their throat. Then it gets serious. They are now having trouble breathing and have to be rushed to the ER. It’s very important to know that glass can be chipped and cracked very easily, so always use a metal scoop or plastic scoop in your ice bin. NEVER scoop ice with glass. Making safety a priority. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.