Posted March 8, 2024
Workplace Safety Tips: Knives and Cutting

One of the most essential tools a restaurant worker will use in the kitchen is a knife. During busy times, it can be easier to go without a cutting glove or just grab whatever knife is available. Ongoing training and consistent reminders from management will prevent unnecessary injuries in the kitchen.


Use a Cutting Board

A cutting board provides a stable surface and is designed for use with knives. Plates or countertops don’t offer the same advantages.


Use the Right Knife

Not all knives are created equal. Trying to chop an onion with a butter knife is not a good idea. Size up the job and choose the right knife.


Keep Knives Sharpened

Dull knives need more force to cut into food, which could lead to a slip and cut of the finger. Keep them sharp to make the job easier and safer.


Cut in the Right Direction

Always cut away from your body. If the knife slips, this lowers the risk of an injury.


Carry Knife Properly

Carry only one knife at a time and keep the tip pointed down at your side. This prevents hurting yourself or someone else if you drop the knife or run into a coworker.


Keep Knives Visible

Knives are hazardous, especially if someone doesn’t know one is there. Make sure the knives aren’t covered up with other items and that coworkers are aware of where they are placed.


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