Posted May 31, 2024
Add Value with Safety Education

As a business owner in the food and beverage industry, you are always working hard to grow your business and offer the best possible customer service for your customers. ICC’s partner in safety education, Katkin, provides safety education for food service professionals. Many of the courses and certifications offered are required by local health departments and liquor authorities.

Katkin’s most popular courses are:

  • Food Protection Manager

Most health departments require one person with this certification to be onsite at all times.

  • Food Handler Card

Some states require this two-hour basics class. All states recommend it!

  • State-Specific Alcohol Server Training

This course is A MUST if you sell or serve alcohol!

Katkin is working closely with state associations to provide value-added benefits for their members. Are you a member of your local Licensed Beverage Association? Do you know what benefits they provide to members? Members of the following organizations receive discounts on Katkin’s offerings:

For discount information, please contact your state association or reach out to Katkin at Visit for more information about courses available in your area or online.