Posted March 8, 2021
How to Handle the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

New Year's celebration is over, Valentine's Day was special, but February was short-lived and now comes March.

March has long been known for two things, St. Patrick's Day and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Although the pandemic has impacted traditions, we are hoping the return of the tournament will bring people back to their local tavern to cheer on their favorite team. With the increase in business, it's important to remind your employees to keep a few things in mind when serving alcohol:

  • Note the time that patrons arrive

  • Take a moment to observe each guest, and chat with them to determine their fitness to drink alcohol (i.e. are they visibly intoxicated?)

  • Monitor the amount of drinks served and the time frame in which they are served

  • Monitor who is buying the drinks

  • If intoxication does occur, what are your procedures for making sure the patron gets home safely?

Over-service is not the only thing to consider. Alcohol consumption can also result in increased bravado, leading to altercations, and decreased inhibitions, leading to inappropriate behavior. To guard against these, employees should be mindful of the following when observing patrons:

  • Increasingly loud voices

  • Bickering or taunting between patrons

  • Pushing and shoving between patrons

  • Unwanted advances or touching of patrons

If an event occurs that could result in a claim, please save any video, obtain any witness information (patron and/or employee), and report it to your agent right away.

People come to have a good time with family and friends, and we want your guests to have a memorable experience, rather than a forgettable one. March may come in like a lion, but with the proper preparation and awareness, you can help it leave like a lamb.

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