Posted May 19, 2023
Is it Covered? Cocktails to Go

During the COVID shutdowns of bars and restaurants in 2020, many businesses came up with creative ways to attract revenue. ‘Cocktails to Go’ proved successful for many businesses and a number of states have allowed the practice to continue post-COVID. This has led to a frequent question from agents and policyholders – “…am I covered?”

The simple answer is yes. The ICC Liquor Liability policy does not have separate language for on-premises versus off-premises consumption. As long as the actual sale is allowed by their liquor license and the sale takes place at the “described premises” as defined in the coverage form, the policy would respond in the event of a claim.

As with any furnishing of alcohol, liability is subject to the state dram shop statutes. In every state, a sale to a minor is not allowed. In most states, a sale to an obviously or visibly intoxicated patron may create liability for any injury caused by the allegedly intoxicated patron. Therefore, the same rules apply whether providing a drink for on-premises consumption or as a ‘Cocktail to Go’.

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