Posted July 8, 2021
Managing a Safe Delivery Program

The pandemic has created an environment where our businesses must change and adapt their operations to stay competitive or even remain in business. Businesses have adapted in many ways, including how they package their products (family meals, cocktails to go, etc.) and the services they provide (curbside and delivery).

For franchise pizzerias and sandwich shops, delivery can be a large segment of their operations. Thus, they often have policies and safety procedures in place for their delivery staff. What about those businesses that have decided to include delivery as an option with no prior experience? We have put together some ideas to help business owners safely add the delivery option to their business model.

  • Compile policies and procedures in writing and get commitment from drivers by having them read and sign off on these policies.

  • Reward drivers for safe driving behaviors and, if possible, provide incentives for continued safe driving.

  • Define the consequences of violation of driver safety policies and follow through with discipline when unsafe behavior has been identified.

  • Provide driver safety training, including a refresher on state highway safety and local rules and regulations. Highlight good driver behavior with posted materials on staff bulletin boards.

  • When hiring delivery staff, run Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) on those who are in the interview process to confirm you have a safe and responsible driver. When you decide to hire a driver, have them sign a delivery driver contract, indicating they will abide by safety policies and procedures.

  • Ensure that company vehicles are regularly inspected and properly maintained. Help drivers using their own personal vehicles to complete a quick safety check prior to their shift (confirm that all lights work on vehicles to maintain safe driving practice and reduce ticketed violations).

  • Accidents do happen, and when they do, provide drivers with a checklist on what to do when they have been involved in a motor vehicle incident or crash.

Keep in mind that these are all suggested best practices. You should consult with your own legal counsel to determine what works best for your business.

Download these Delivery Driver Safety Tips and implement to help minimize risk when adding delivery to your business.

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