Posted April 17, 2023
Reducing ICC's Environmental Impact

In 2021, Illinois Casualty Company (ICC) formed a Green Committee and tasked its members with implementing a company-wide culture of environmental responsibility. The primary function of the Green Committee is to reduce ICC’s environmental impact.

ICC has been working to reach this goal through an Adopt-a-Highway initiative in Scott County, Iowa and by improving resource and paper usage in the corporate office. ICC’s corporate office has become a little greener with the installation of motion sensors in commonly used rooms, LED lights throughout the building, and faucet aerators to reduce water usage. We are also looking into the potential for renewable energy to offset our carbon footprint.

Throughout the year, we have been encouraging our insureds to go green by switching to paperless billing statements. Reducing the amount of paper we use will help preserve an essential part of our environment. Not only do trees provide a habitat for most of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, but they also filter air and clean water - two vital aspects of life for humans.

For every insured that opts out of paper billing statements, we are donating a tree to be planted by One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that is focused on global reforestation. In 2022 alone, ICC donated 197 trees on behalf of insureds that switched to paperless billing statements. To make the switch, ICC insureds can fill in our Billing Statement Delivery Form.

Did you know that policyholders can go fee free with ICC by signing up for paperless statements and ACH (automatic withdrawals)? Any questions about ICC’s green initiative can be sent to

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