Posted February 1, 2023
Storage Order

Properly storing food that is received, of course, from approved reputable suppliers is very important. We have to make sure, especially in coolers, that we store things properly to prevent cross-contamination. At the bottom, you want to store any raw, whole, or ground poultry, like chicken, turkey, or duck. That will go below all other foods. Above the raw poultry, you’re going to store ground meat: ground beef, ground fish, anything except poultry because the ground turkey is going to go on the bottom. Above the ground meat, we’re going to store the whole cuts of beef and pork. That would be like a chop, a steak, a roast, a loin. Then above that we will store the fish and seafood, raw of course. Then above all the raw meat, seafood, and poultry, you want to store anything that is ready to eat that is going straight from the cooler to the plate, anything that has been pre-cooked or commercially processed, as well as fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, and pasta. For further information, visit our website We have a great poster that you can print and hang up in your restaurant. Safe food. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.