Posted June 18, 2024
Workplace Safety Tips: Burn Prevention

Whether it’s training employees on where to locate and how to use fire extinguishers, or consistent reminders about how to handle hot food, pans, etc. in the kitchen, burn prevention is a key part of keeping employees safe when working in the food and beverage industry.


Be Familiar with Fire Extinguishers

Know where all the fire extinguishers are located, as well as how to use them. Fire prevention is also burn prevention.


Watch Pots and Pans

Assume that all pots and pans are hot when you encounter them. Don’t overfill them either.


Use Caution with Hot Oil

Never carry or move oil containers when the oil is hot or on fire. Additionally, be very careful when placing anything in hot oil.


Do Not Stretch Over Heat

Don’t reach over a stove or grill. Be aware of what you’re doing and where you’re at in the kitchen at all times.


Use Oven Mitts

Use oven mitts or long gloves when handling anything hot or around the stove.


Be Aware of Handles

Carefully place all pots and pans so handles do not stick out. If anyone bumps into a handle and the pan falls, this could cause a bad burn or other injury.


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