Posted January 3, 2024
Workplace Safety Tips: Preventing Back Injuries

Back injuries are a common workplace injury that can be easily prevented. Training your employees on how to safely lift heavy objects, like kegs or trays of dishes, will teach them to keep themselves and their co-workers safe. It is important for you to set up the environment to reduce the number of times an employee will need to lift a heavy object on their own. Here are some tips to help your employees avoid a back injury.


Teach Proper Lifting Techniques

Many employee injuries can be prevented if they know how to properly lift something heavy. Make tips available and share them regularly as a reminder.


Place Objects Off the Floor

Employees can spare their backs a lot of strain by not having objects on the floor to be lifted. Use shelves, cabinets, and other storage.


Raise or Lower Shelves

Try to keep shelving in a convenient location for most employees to minimize bending or straining. Raise or lower shelves accordingly.


Use Carts

Have carts available to minimize lifting and carrying heavy items for larger distances.


Ask for Help

Tell your employees to ask for help when needing to lift something heavy. Encourage them not to try picking something up if they aren’t sure it will be safe for them.


Have a Lifting Plan

Explain the importance of planning your moves. Size up the object, clear a path, and determine whether you need help. Offer help to others if they are lifting something.


Listen to Your Body

It’s of utmost importance that employees know not to strain to lift something. They should set the item down and ask for help if it’s too heavy to lift on their own.


Minimize Hazards

When moving a heavy item from the kitchen to the patio, for example, make sure the path is clear and that any hazards are addressed.


Work on Coordination

Proper coordination and balance can make all the difference in minimizing back pain and injuries. This is especially important when carrying trays or piles of plates.


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